Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Homemaking: Button, Button, Who's Got the Button...

Over the years I have managed to acquire quite a collection of extra buttons that often come with clothing purchases. I found that a 50+ year old pickle jar which has been in the family, was a perfect place to store these. Although I have never had to search for a replacement button, they're fun to display in the corner of the sewing room. And I have found that putting a bit of clear nail polish on the stitches in a button, helps prevent them from falling off. 

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Mini Baker said...

i LOVE buttons!

Kathleen said...

Great idea! My husband literally asked me today where I get all those extra buttons from. LOL

Jane said...

I love buttons too....I also love that pickle jar :-)

Oonafey said...

What a cute idea! All of our extra buttons are clogging up the bottom drawer of my jewelry box... I will have to try something like this.

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