Saturday, April 1, 2023

Needlework: Knitted Suit for 18" Doll

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This  sweater pattern for 18" dolls, such as American Girl dolls, and Next Generation dolls can be found in 
For a roomier fit I used size 6 and size 9 straight needles.  
I worked fronts at the same time and both sleeves at the same time.
For the skirt I cast on 56 sts with size 4 needles and did 4 rows of K1P1
for the waistband. Change to size 5 needle.
Then I K1, increase 1 in the next stitch and about every fifth stitch across the row - about 11 times.
Knit for a few rows before doing another increase row. 
K1 and increasing 1 in every third stitch across row.
I continued knitting for about 5 inches in length. 
Sew up back seam.  I also crocheted a lace effect around the bottom edge.

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