Sunday, September 22, 2019

Helpful Hints: Turning A Vintage Wedding Gown Back to White

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It seems if you have your gown professionally dry cleaned you should not then store the gown in plastic as it reacts with the cleaning chemicals which then turn the gown from white to yellow!
"Oxi Clean White Revive" worked its magic on both the gown and the train.  I dissolved about two of Oxi Cleans measuring cups in hot water in the tub then adjusted the water temperature to warm and soaked the gown for about six hours, moving it around occasionally and flipping it over.
After rinsing, I hung it over towels on the curtain rod until dry, then repeated the process for the train.
I ironed the dress inside out with a medium iron and it looks like new!

                                      Thank you Oxi Clean!!
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