Monday, May 30, 2016

Needlework: Knitted Pillow Cover and Afghan

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This is an easy afghan and pillow cover to make.  With a size 8 circular needle cast on 234 stitches and K6, P6 across the row and continue doing so until the afghan reaches the desired length.  The afghan pictured has a finished measurement of 58x62.  
For the matching pillow cover, cast on 66 stitches with size 8 circular needles
and K6, P6 across the row.  The finished cover is 17x17 for a 16" pillow.
I then folded the finished piece in half and crocheted three sides of the pillow 
shut, leaving one edge open for inserting the pillow form. I crocheted a decorative lacy edge around the entire pillow, only attaching it to the front of the open edge. Insert the pillow form and stitch the open edge closed.
You can easily adjust the length and width of both the afghan and the pillow cover by just adding stitches six at a time.
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cathleneo said...

Very lovely and so useful to have. I like the color that you have chosen.

Crochet Hooks said...

love the deep grey color - neutral but bold! finished pillow and afghan look great! Pinned :)

Michelle said...

This is gorgeous. Nice work and I love the color. Thanks for showing us at Party at My Place this week.

The Charm of Home said...

Very pretty and it looks oh so cozy!

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